Still Fields


Sound Editing: Ali El-Darsa
Sound Design: Johannes Malfatti
Graphic & Object Design: arc gestaltung
Web Design: Ali El-Darsa
Research: Themba Bhebhe
Architect: Mark Lowe

Poem read by Christy Langer in English and Alex Rihanna Tchoumi in French is entitled Les Souffles (Breaths) by Birago Diop.
Poem read by Türe Zeybek is entitled Emin'ye Mektup (Letter to Emine) by Semra Ertan.

Sound Editing: Ali El-Darsa
Sounddesign: Johannes Malfatti
Grafik- & Objektdesign: arc gestaltung
Webdesign: Ali El-Darsa
Recherche: Themba Bhebhe
Architekt: Mark Lowe

Gedicht Les Souffles (Atemzüge) von Birago Diop, gelesen von Christy Langer in Englisch und Alex Rihanna Tchoumi in Französisch.
Gedicht Emin'ye Mektup (Brief an Emine) von Semra Ertan, gelesen von Türe Zeybek.